The Foundation of a Happy Marriage

My husband and I have been married for 52 years now, and yes, we have been very happy! We have a difficult time understanding why some people don’t stay married. I think there are certain ingredients to a good, wholesome marriage.

First-Love, of course





I will explore some of these subjects in upcoming weeks.  I hope you will find this useful as I believe strongly in the importance of a happy marriage.



2 thoughts on “The Foundation of a Happy Marriage

  1. Love.
    Love of course is the most important quality of all. After all, why would we bother to get married if we didn’t love that person that we want to spend the rest of our lives with.
    There are different kinds of love in a marriage. There is passionate, hot love, sexual love. These are very important! When we are young, that’s all we think of. We can’t wait to go to bed. Then time wears on, and we develop a different love. We get excited when we know that person is coming home, or we can’t wait to see them again. Love should be pure and gratifying to both parties. As we get older, that love grows and matures. We get comfortable and relaxed with each other. We have always been best friends. I don’t think we have to work at being in love. I personally don’t think we should take each other for granted but we do at times and I believe that’s okay. We have become used to each other’s ways and likes and dislikes, and really gotten to know each other through the years.
    I can expound on these further if you all want.

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  2. Trust is a difficult issue at times for people. Whether, it is a past experience, a hurtful event, or just skepticism, we all have trust issues.
    I believe trust is something one has to earn. I always have trusted my husband. I know that sounds naive but I have and do to this day. I respect him so much that I know he would come to me and we would discuss an issue rather than him or me not trusting each other.
    I believe we really have to get to know each other well while dating to know if we are suited to each other. We dated for two years before we got married. We talked a great deal and really listened to each other. Our thoughts, lifelong dreams, wishes and goals were discussed. We really knew each other well before we made our vowels to each other. We have kept our vowels.
    We were raised in a time when your word was your bond. Today in this fast paced world, everything has speeded up to no end. We rush into a great deal of things in our lives. Maybe we need to slow down somewhat to really think and digest our thoughts and goals. We need to focus on ourselves somewhat before we rush into our lives.
    I hope I have given a somewhat descriptive answer to this ongoing topic.
    Please let me know and I will go into further detail if you want.


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