I think respect is a very needed ingredient to any relationship, especially a long lasting one. Marriage should be a long lasting relationship in my opinion.

We were raised in the 1950’s when respect was something as children we were taught. We were taught to respect our elders, adults, friends, teachers, policemen and women, etc. It seems nowadays that has eroded. A great deal in our society has eroded. It is such a shame in my opinion. We also were taught ¬†somewhat stringent manners to go a long with it all. Please, thank you, excuse me were all expected forms of respect.

I think one should respect the person he or she decided to marry, or why else tie the knot? Love, trust, respect are all necessary to make a marriage work. Sometimes we do stray from these but examine them and really give it a lot of thought to make them right. It should be discussed with your partner and come to some kind of agreement. I think communication in a marriage is another necessary ingredient in the equation. The longer one is married, it should become easier to relate to each other. Remember, love, trust and respect are all necessary ingredients to make any relationship work and especially in a marriage.


The Foundation of a Happy Marriage

My husband and I have been married for 52 years now, and yes, we have been very happy! We have a difficult time understanding why some people don’t stay married. I think there are certain ingredients to a good, wholesome marriage.

First-Love, of course





I will explore some of these subjects in upcoming weeks.  I hope you will find this useful as I believe strongly in the importance of a happy marriage.